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23 March 2016 @ 02:27 pm
Another evidence~

JaniBen 2016.01.27 Evidence

So in this episode, they had a guest who really likes Ryo. But, when they play the "shitainen" the one who always get is YASU. So Yasu is the one who should do what the guest want.
From 4x play, Yasu get 3 times and Ohkura get 1 times. Yasu even get depressed when he should do the dance movement... Poor him he even apologize to the guest even though he's not the wrong one :( I don't like the guest at all.

(Depressed Yasu go into Ohkura's arms <3 Awww~~)

And there's one time when the guest herself should do the dokkiri. She hold a pen which had electricty in it. And when she did it, she was shocked of the electric and at that time, OHKURA YELLED AT HER, "SERVES YOU RIGHT!!!" and looked so mad. Maybe he don't want to see Yasu being targeted again...


(Look at his expression, he really looks mad. Maru even said, "Yabai!" to him)

I don't like the guest at all :( I hate her when she looked like "she doesn't like Yasu at all" so maybe Ohkura is mad for Yasu. Poor Yasu~ :(
Tatachantat_chan91 on April 13th, 2016 08:29 am (UTC)
Poor Yasu!!! I haven't watched this episode yet -and I don't know if I will cuz I don't like to see Yasu in these conditions!!! D:
BTW thanks for sharing this moment!!! I really need some Ohyassu in this period!!! ♥